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New Construction in Streeterville Historically 1980-2020

New Construction in Streeterville Historically 1980-2020 Streeterville is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Chicago with 5 cranes rising in the neighborhood and 1500+ units under construction. However, over the past 5 years the neighborhood witnessed a single dimensional growth all concentrated in the apartment sector with little hotel development and no condo development. Historically, this […]

15 developments completed in 2016

2016 was a very exciting year for Chicago Real Estate. Cranes were rising all over the city and tens of new buildings went under construction during the year including buildings that will change the Chicago skyline for years to come. Here is a complete list of all 15 large scale developments that opened in 2016: […]

Open House Chicago 2016

Open House Chicago is a free public festival that offers behind-the-scenes access to more than 200 buildings across Chicago. This year, Open House Chicago added numerous new construction buildings to the list, which makes for a great opportunity to tour the newest and finest buildings of Chicago. These buildings are located all over the city from Hyde […]

9 Developments Filling the Gaps Along the Chicago Riverfront

New construction is booming in Chicago with over 50 high-rise buildings under construction in the Central Area and tens of smaller developments across the city. Many of the major new developments are happening along the Chicago River and committing big money to connecting the riverfront with their own and surrounding communities. Collectively, these new developments will […]

Four Upscale Condo Developments Downtown Chicago

New Construction is all over downtown Chicago. However, most new developments downtown are either apartments, institutions or hotels. In this article, we bring to you four upscale condo developments downtown Chicago. ONE BENNETT PARK   Building Facts Neighborhood: Streeterville Architect: Robert M. Stern  65 condo units Condo floors 41–63 Elegant interior design with custom built cabinetry, […]

10 Trending Kitchen Designs in Chicago New Construction Homes

With the new construction condo market heating across the city, many new design trends are appearing and becoming highly desirable and dominating on the market. Here are 10 Trending Kitchen Designs in Chicago New Construction Homes: Nº9 Walton High-end white cabinets rich with details with granite counter tops and prominent light fixtures. More details Picture […]

One Bennett Park

Streeterville’s newest Condo construction, One Bennett Park. One Bennett Park, Streeterville’s newest Condo construction. The classic, elegant looking building was designed by Robert M. Stern, the renowned architect. The new building is located at 451 E Grand Ave. and it will be named after Edward H. Bennett who co-authored the Chicago plan of 1909 with […]

Advantages to buying New Construction Homes vs. Resale homes in Chicago

5 Advantages to buying New Construction Homes vs. Resale homes: 1 – Less Maintenance Required Brand new homes require much less maintenance than existing homes. That means saving on both the time and money needed to keep the property in a good shape. 2 – Lower Assessments (HOA Fees) Typically the older the building the higher […]

Five New Construction 2 bedroom Condos Under $500,000.

Construction cranes are rising all over Chicago and tens of new condo buildings are under construction in different city neighborhoods. However, the vast majority of these new condo buildings are hugely unaffordable and are offering only large size condos with a 7 figure price tag. The bad news is, this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. […]

Mapping New Construction Growth in Logan Square and West Town

The new construction market has been growing steadily in the past few years. Furthermore, the bulk of this growth has been concentrated along major transit corridors that offer easy and quick access to the Loop. As a result, new construction activities helped reshape a number of neighborhoods and attract lots of new residents and businesses […]