Advantages to buying New Construction Homes vs. Resale homes in Chicago

5 Advantages to buying New Construction Homes vs. Resale homes:


1 - Less Maintenance Required

Brand new homes require much less maintenance than existing homes. That means saving on both the time and money needed to keep the property in a good shape.

2 - Lower Assessments (HOA Fees)

Typically the older the building the higher the assessments because it will require more maintenance as it ages. This is another positive for new construction homes especially ones that are in large buildings.

3 - Modern Design and a Personal Touch

New Construction properties come with cutting edge design elements throughout such as open living space, built-in closets, pre-wired sound system to name a few. Also, if the home is still in pre-construction phase, the builder will customize the home to be built with the buyers personal touch and painted in their color palette. Most builders will have two- three different levels of finishes for buyers to choose from.

New Construction Homes vs. Resale Homes

4 - Energy Efficiency

New construction materials in brand new homes are usually more energy efficient; that means potentially lower utility bills. In addition, new smart home systems that builder are installing in new homes will help regulate energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

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5 - Great for Resale Value

Newer properties are always the most desirable on the market and they sell faster and for the higher prices than older properties. According to a Trulia survey, twice as many people prefer new homes to existing homes. Additionally, given that the average homeowner lives in a unit around 5 years before moving, new construction home owners will have to do little to no upgrades when they sell as opposed to resale home owners who often spend thousands to upgrade their units so they can get a good sale price.

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